Benefits of
FBN participation

Share first-hand experience with other families in business that understand the specific challenges of running a family firm.

Network with families around the world via FBN International, which includes 5,200 family business owners from 1,500 family businesses, and discover international best practices for family businesses.

Enjoy an exclusive family business network based on confidentiality and trust with a strict non-solicitation policy.

Involve non-active family members and current or future shareholders, so they too can learn about the unique challenges of running a family business and discover practical ways to address these challenges over time.

Gain practical insight into family governance strategies, such as how to set up a family council, how to draft a Family Shareholder Agreement or Constitution, how to design and facilitate family meetings and how to educate the next generation of owners.

Benefits of involving next-generation business owners in the FBN

Foster long-term family entrepreneurship and a sense of ownership among next generation business owners, offering them the opportunity to learn and benefit from their own network within FBN Luxembourg and FBN International.

Benefit from internship opportunities for suitable next-generation business owners via the FBN International Internship programme, allowing family members to gain experience in other family companies outside of Luxembourg.

Take advantage of mentorship opportunities for future family business owners to develop their career on a confidential basis.

Participate in workshops organised and facilitated by FBN Luxembourg and FBN International aimed at suitable next-generation business owners.

The benefits of
FBN Direct

FBN Direct is a database containing contact information of FBN members worldwide.

This database allows direct peer-to-peer networking with other family business owners in Luxembourg and around the world.

Using FBN Direct, you can locate qualified third-party service providers in the areas of taxation, financial planning, succession, and next-generation development, all of whom have been asked to contribute their knowledge of family businesses.

FBN Advocacy

The FBN offers the possibility to collectively engage with national government and policymakers to influence policies related to family business.

The benefits of
FBN Research

FBN Research allows members to engage with world-class research faculties and gain a better understanding of international best practices. Members can influence research into family business issues in Luxembourg and then access the results of this research. They can thus promote the contribution of family businesses to Luxembourg’s economy.