The Family Business Network (FBN) International is the world’s only independent network for business owners and their families. FBN promotes the success and sustainability of family businesses by sharing experiences and insights into the specific challenges of doing business with family.
Deeply committed to confidentiality, FBN strives to create an atmosphere where members can learn from each other.


countries, 30 chapters
worldwide, have members
of the FBN network


family members


family businesses

Benefits of FBN participation

  1. Is a not for profit and
    non-solicitation organization.
  2. Includes family members across
  3. Supports the Next Generation
    (aged 18-40) of
    business-owning families.
  4. Shares best practices and
    knowledge within a worldwide
    network at global and local levels.
  1. Fosters intimate exchange and
    inspirational peer-to-peer learning.
  2. Sponsors value-added research.
  3. Promotes the case for family
    business towards a more sustainable