The FBN aims to develop an effective support network on a national and international scale, focusing on the following three areas:

Support for all family members

A peer-to-peer national and international network for business-owning families, which prioritises the following activities:

  • National and international family business conferences.
  • Secure next-generation networks and support for learning, best practice exchange and support.
  • Family business briefings with professional service firms/banks/state agencies.
  • General access to a database of best practices, cases, links and experts.

Support for specific groups within the family

  • Master classes on topics such as family business governance, business management, and wealth management delivered by national and international experts, generally in partnership with a university or business school.
  • Individual and accredited courses targeted at next-generation family business owners.
  • Targeted forums for members and managers of Family Council, Family Investment, Family Office, etc.
  • Family business research on a national and international level.

1:1 practical advice and support for individual family members

  • 1:1 advice for family business owners based on practical experience from family owners worldwide.
  • International work experience for next-generation business owners in other family businesses.
  • A registry of internationally accredited experts who provide professional support for families in business.
  • Mentoring and development for next-generation family members.
  • Political advocacy for family businesses.